We are grassroots citizen group dedicated to protecting public health by eliminating toxins and pollutants from our environment through research, education and community action. 

New Gas Plant in Salem? No way!

Why HealthLink opposes adding new fossil fuels:
  • Not needed
  • Delays growth of renewable energy
  • Endangers our health
  • Commits us to 50 more years of fossil fuel
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Coal Free MA:

  • Phase out MA coal plants by 2020
  • Advance renewables & energy efficiency
  • Partner with empower local leadership
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Toxics & Our Health

Everyone has a right to a healthy environment.
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Take Action: REPORT

Unusual incidences you see, hear or smell at the Salem power plant. Call DEP at 1-888-VIOLATE

For fifteen years, HealthLink worked to clean up the pollution from the old Salem coal plant. Now it is shutting down in 2014. Read more.
From the Union of Concerned Scientists:

"Gas Ceiling: Assessing the Climate Risks of an Overreliance on Natural Gas for Electricity
Note: MA is already 67% natural gas. Read the report


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