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Vision still lacking at Salem power plant site by State Rep. Lori Ehrlich, Marblehead Reporter 5/14/12


Many questions remain regarding the future of the Salem Harbor site by Brian Watson, Salem News 5/1/12


Local environmental groups oppose natural gas fired power plant for Salem

Boston Globe 3/27/12

HealthLink opposes Power Plant successor Salem News 3/27/12


Gasping for air, grasping for vision Jewish Journal 2/17/12


Dominion: We are closing the plant Salem News 5/11/11


Owner wants to close Salem Power Plant by June 2014 Boston Globe 2/17/11


FERC orders ISO-NE to plan for close of Salem power plant Conservation Law Foundation 12/16/10


It's time for vision for site's future (with comments from the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs to 'retire' the plant) Marblehead Reporter 12/15/10 


State's Energy Secretary wants the Salem power plant to close Salem News 12/11/10


 My view: News lacks the vision thing  Salem News 12/1/10


Feelings mixed as power plant nears end Boston Globe 11/29/10


Dominion to shut Mass. Salem Harbor coal/oil plant Reuters 11/18/10


Dominion to Close Salem Power Plant Salem News 11/18/10 


In Dominion's own words: Salem Harbor will shutdown  Conservation Law Foundation 11/17/10


Dominion: CFO's comments don't mean plant will close Salem Gazette 11/17/10


Salem Power Plant to close within 5 years Boston Business Journal 11/17/10


Why the ratepayers should be demanding early retirement for Salem Harbor Station Conservation Law Foundation 11/10/10


Is the beginning of end here for the power plant Salem News 11/10/10


Salem power plant seeks delisting Boston Globe 11/10/10


Aerosol particles form in night time plumes from coal fired power plants (Study includes Salem Harbor Station) 11/5/10 


Conservation Group sues over emissions at Salem plant Boston Globe 6/25/10


Study to focus on future of plant: Old coal facility 'at a crossroads' Boston Globe 4/11/10


Dominion's compliance claim disingenuous Letter to the editor 3/2/10


1/27/10 Dominion Energy on Notice of Clean Air Law Suit


Some ideas for plant's future Letter to the editor 5/27/09


Salem Power Plant #3 polluter in the state (3/20/09) Read more


Feds, power plant settle suit (1/23/09) Read more 


Pipe rupture spills oil into the harbor 12/12/08) Read more


Workers taken to hospital after chemical spill (11/12/08) Read more


State report details lapses in power plant operation (9/6/08)  Read more 


MA Department of Public Safety Incident Report of the boiler explosion at the Salem Harbor Station.   Click here  to read the Report. Contact HealthLink for a hard copy.


Anatomy of a Disaster: State condemns lack of inspection at Salem power plant (8/1/08) Read more


Agency to seek disciplinary action for power plant explosion (8/1/08) Read more 


Power plant to run 'for years to come' (7/25/08) Read more


Plant Explodes - November 2007

Read more

Dominion fined by OSHA - Read full investigation/report Read more

Salem Power Plant among top polluters (2/22/08) Read more

Health Co$t$ of Coal - A Report by the Clean Air Task Force

Costs linked to the Salem Harbor Station:

20 deaths = $140,000,000

36 heart attacks = $4,000,000

310 asthma attacks  = $16,000

16 hospital admissions  = $380,000

12 chronic bronchitis  = $5,400,000

12 asthma ER visits  = $4,000

TOTAL: $150 million

Hot Topics

Marblehead State Rep reacts to Salem power plant deal (June 29, 2012)


New Jersey firm to buy the power plant (June 29, 2012)


House energy bill includes Sweetheart deal for gas companies, critics say  (June 26, 2012)


Groups announce opposition to current natural gas plant proposal in Salem

Flag Serious Community Impacts and Unanswered Questions

SAFE, HealthLink and Clean Water Action today announced opposition to the tentative proposal outlined by Footprint Power, proponents of a 600-720 MWh natural gas and diesel-fueled power plant on the site of the current Salem Harbor Station. The groups cautioned that the details of the proposal remain sketchy at this point, adding to the level of public concern. Serious questions regarding the health and safety of the area's residents remain, following two public presentations by Footprint...

Court settlement with Salem power plant ends city's coal era 

A federal court settlement announced yesterday between Dominion Energy Inc. and two environmental groups that accused the company of pollution violations signals the death of coal at Salem Harbor Station.

The agreement resolving a 2010 lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court includes a stipulation that future plant owners cannot burn coal after 2014, when Dominion has announced it will shut down the fossil fuel facility..

Opportunity slipping away at Salem power plant? (June 27, 2012)

The site of the Salem power plant has potential far beyond merely housing another power generator, this one gas-fired, advocates stressed to Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll in a meeting June 19.

But given what’s happened since that meeting, Beverly attorney Jan Schlictmann fears that what he calls a “once-in-a-100-year opportunity” for the site to host a one-of-its-kind and much-needed epicenter of marine biotechnical research and development could be slipping away...

Speaking Alternatives to Power (June 22, 2012)


Seeing beyond the Power Plant: The Salem Harbor site can be the place for 21st century marine biotech research and industry  by Jan Schlictmann, Esq.


Marine Biotech Research and Industry Vision   (power point)

Report: Jacobs Power Plant Study

Brattle Group study on plant redevelopment 

HealthLink rally for a COAL FREE FUTURE!  

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