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Recently HealthLink has received reports of black grime coming in windows and falling on outdoor furniture and windowsills. This seems to coincide with the restart of the Salem Power plant. We also know that Dominion has started washing boats in Salem Harbor rather than deal with complaints.
Formal complaints and inquiries should be placed with the Salem Harbor Generating Station at 978-740-8200 or Salem Board of Health 978-741-1800. Formal complaints are supposed to be tested at the expense of Dominion to determine if the grime comes from the power plant or another source.
HealthLink negotiated with the plant that coal shipments not be offloaded on windy days, that the conveyors carrying coal from the ships to the coal pile be shrouded and that the coal pile be sprayed when being bulldozed. All of these standard operating management procedures were designed to minimize coal dust from getting airborne and seemed to help when implemented. These procedures are registered with the MA Department of Environmental Protection and are legally binding. Consequently, we are very concerned about reports of problems and would like more information. None of these steps, however, deal with soot fallout from the smokestacks.
Please note: This has been a heavy pollen season. The pollen tends to be greenish in color, not black. We also know that a black sticky substance, resembling poppy seeds, on some cars, decks, furniture, etc which are parked or located under trees is "droppings" from caterpillars (winter moth caterpillars). Consequently, we request that you consider these explanations as well.
Please let us know what you are seeing, if you called the plant, whom you spoke to, how you were treated, testing results, if you did not call the plant, why, and any comments that will help us address any issues.