Essex County Builds a Clean and Healthy Future

An open letter to all communities in Essex County:

We are all longing for the day when energy costs are predictable, yet costs for oil, natural gas and electricity continue to steadily rise. These costs pose significant challenges for communities managing tight budgets, not to mention the pollution and other problems caused by our dependence on fossil fuels!

Healthlink, a North Shore nonprofit environmental group working to reduce the use of fossil fuel, recently received a grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative to encourage cities and towns of Essex County to address energy efficiency, conservation and use of sustainable technologies. We have handouts with suggestions which we feel will be helpful for your community. You will find a number of resources and a wide variety of areas which can be addressed for cost savings and implementing renewable energy projects.

We urge the appointment of an energy committee, or designation of an individual, to help identify areas unique to your community to reduce energy use and implement efficiency. Often times the communities making the greatest strides in containing energy costs have appointed such a committee.

HealthLink now has a page on our website devoted to success stories in Essex County. We invite you to describe how you have implemented efficiency and installed renewable energy projects on this site to inspire others.

Learn what you can do individually!

Check out our Resources and References page
If you have any questions or would like to share a success story, please contact Martha Dansdill, at 781-598-1115 (9 am to 1 pm) or through email